Introduction: Pier 9 Machine Catalog

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(This includes details on our entire machine catalog)

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Welcome to the Pier 9 Workshops!

This is a live catalog of the machines we are currently using in our shops, including model numbers and links to machine spec's. We have 7 amazing maker-spaces on the Pier: a Digital Fabrication Room, Woodshop, Metalshop, 3D Printshop, Project Room, Electronics Shop, and Commercial Kitchen.

We are accumulating links to additional guides, tutorials, and example projects (being produced in our workshop) in the final chapter of this Catalog to help you get started with our machines!

We will keep this Instructable updated as we acquire new equipment or augment what we have. You can address more specific questions/comment/requests to

More information about the Workshop, including how to become a Shop User is in Autodesk's Pier 9 Workshop Instructable.

Step 1: CNC Machines

    Our CNC Shop Lead has put together a comprehensive and deeply knowledgeable guide to operating CNC machinery: Learn CNC the Hard Way

    Our CNC Machine Shop houses this collection of world-class machines:

    • HAAS Lathe Model: ST-10Y
      • material capacity: 9" x 14"
      • 12 position live tooling
    • HAAS Vertical Mill Model: VF-2SS
      • material capactiy: 30" x 16" x 20" (z-axis)
      • 24 position live tooling
      • additional rotary table


    Step 2: 3D Print Shop

    The 3D Print shop includes:

    • (7) Objet 3D Printers Model 500 Connex
      • 19.7" x 15.7" x 7.9" build envelope
      • materials:
        • Vero (mimics Acrylic) in: white, black, clear.
        • Tango (flexible material) in: black, clear.
        • Assorted types/colors: ABS mimic/ivory, Medical Grade (some FDA approval)/clear, Polypropylene mimic
      • prints over 1000g resin or 1000g support material must be approved in advanced by Shop Management:
    • (4) Epilog Lasercutters Model Legend 36EXT
      • 3@120Watts, 1@75Watts
      • 24" x 36" workbed
      • materials: wood, acrylic, glass, plastic, stone, fabric, and paper
    • Coherent Lasercutter Model Metabeam 400W
      • 48" x 48" x 12" (z-axis) workbed
      • materials: Sheet metal to 1/8”, Stainless Steel to 0.65”, Aluminum up to 0.020”, Plastics and Wood to 1”
    • Mcor IRIS 3D Paper Printer
      • 9.39" x 6.89" x 5.9" build envelope
      • material: 20lb copy paper, standard letter size (8.5"x11")
    • (2) High Pressure Waterblasting Stations


    Step 3: Woodshop Machines

    Our Woodshop houses the following machines:

    • Delta Drill Press Model 18-900L
      • 6" Quill Stroke, 22.25" Chuck to Table capacity
      • 3/4hp, 16 speeds, 5/8" chuck capacity
    • Martin Jointer Model T54
      • 19.5" max cut width, 5/16" max cut depth
      • 90° to 45° fence tilt
      • digital depth of cut display
    • Martin Planer Model T45
      • 0.11 - 11.8" planing height range
      • 24.75" max material width
      • 7/16" max depth of cut
    • Laguna Resaw Master Bandsaw Model
      • 18" max material height
      • 1/4"-2" blade capacity
    • Incredible selection of hand tools including:
      • hand planes, carving tools, chisels, spokeshaves, etc
      • Sjobergs Furniture Making workbenches
    • Excellent selection of portable tools including:
      • circular saw, sawsall, jigsaw, orbital sanders, and selections from the Festool system


    Step 4: Metalshop Machines

    Our Metalshop is home to the following machines:

    • Cold Saw Model CPO 350
      • 230V, 10A
      • 45 Deg. right and left miter capabilities
      • Capable of slotting
    • Pneumatic Brake/Bending Machine Model UF-25H
      • maximum bend: 180 Deg.
      • tubing limits: 1 1/4 schedule 40 pipe, 1 5/8 OD 10 gauge round tubing, 1 1/2 10 guage square tubing
      • lockable gauge enabling angle repetition
    • DoAll Horizontal Bandsaw Model 400S
      • 460V, 6A
      • swivel head to 45 Deg.
      • pneumatic head raise with adjustable height stop
      • size capacity: 9" high x 16" wide for rectangles, 10 3/4" for rounds at 0 Deg.
    • Bridgeport Mill Model BPKMR8XY
      • 230V, 20A
      • X and Y axis Servo Power Feed
      • Acu-Rite Digital Readout
      • an excellent guide to squaring the vise on the mill table
    • Manual Metal Shop Lathe Model 1118H
      • 230V, 20A
      • DC Feed Motor, 75 Watt, 110V
      • Carriage power feed range: 5/16-7"
      • Cross slide power feed range: 4/16-4"
    • Pneumatic Press Model 72002
      • single acting cylinder
      • each full stroke advances the ram 1/2"
    • Powermatic belt/disc combo sander Model 31A
      • 230V, 10A
      • belt head locks at any angle from 0 to 90 Deg.
      • indexing pin for 0, 45 and 90 Deg.
      • belt table also tilts for beveled and miter cutting
      • 12" disc
    • Dayton Combo Belt and Bench Grinder Model 3NYA7
      • 120V, 7A
      • Wheel Dia: 8"
      • Max RPM: 3450
    • Sandblaster Model BPKMR8XY
      • 230V, 20A
      • Work Area: 46 x 36 x 35

    The metal shop also includes an extremely wide variety of metal working hand tools, pneumatic and electric tools.


    Step 5: Sewing+Project Room

    The Project Room includes the following tools:

    The Project Room also contains a wide variety of project and sewing supplies and a photography backdrop station. .


    Step 6: Electronics Room

    The Electronics Lab has the following equipment:

    • Oscilloscope Model GDS-1152A-U
      • 150/100/70MHz Bandwidths
      • Up to 27 Automatic Measurements
    • Triple Linear DC Power Supply Model HY3005F-3
      • Dual adjustable outputs: 0-30V and 0-5A
      • Fixed output: 5V and 3A
      • Input voltage: 110V AC and 220V AC switchable
    • BK Precision Spectrum Analyzer Model 2630
      • 150kHz to 1.05GHz (1050MHz)
      • 20 and 400 kHz resolution bandwidth
      • 150kHz/hour stability
      • Built-in tracking generator
    • BK Precision Programmable Function Generator Model 4087
      • Frequency range:1 uHz up to 120 MHz for Sine
      • Sine and square output plus 27 additional built-in arbitrary waveforms
      • Support of internal and external modulation sources as well as internal, external, and gated trigger sources


    Step 7: Commercial Kitchen

    Our Commercial Test Kitchen includes:

    • Sous VideModel Pearl L
      • 15.2 gal water bath, 5.9" immersion depth

    Step 8: Guides + Tutorials for Our Machines

    Guide to Buying Project Materials at Pier 9

    Written by: 3D Printroom Lead - Gabe Patin

    Designing Vectors for CNC & Digital Fabrication

    Written by: Workshop Instructor - Martin Horn

    Applies to:

    • laser cutters
    • waterjet cutter
    • Shopbot CNC router

    Quick Start Guide: Roland Versacam Vinyl Printer/Cutter

    Written by: 3D Printroom Lead - Gabe Patin

    Quick Start Guide: SuperMax 25 Drum Sander

    Written by: Wood/Metal room Lead - Josh Myers

    CNC Room Tool Library and Resource

    Written by: CNC Room Lead - Dan Vidakovich

    Comprehensive Guide to learning to use CNC Machinery

    Written by: CNC Room Lead - Dan Vidakovich

    Inventor HSM to DMS Router: 3+2 Axis Workflow

    Written by: Artist in Residence Xander Bremer

    How to Square a Vise on the Mill

    Written by: CNC Room Lead - Dan Vidakovich

    Making Electrical Connections

    Written by: Artist in Residence Bryan Smith