Introduction: Pier 9 Troubleshooting: OMAX Waterjet Morning Startup Routine

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This Instructable is for trained Shoparones and Shop Staff at Pier 9.

Requirements for using this Instructable.

  • Be a member of Shop Staff OR
  • Be a Shoparone who has received training from a member of Shop Staff.

This is part of the routine maintenance and troubleshooting we do at Pier 9 to keep our machines in operating order. Waterjet Users at Pier 9 should talk to Shop Staff if they are experiencing issues with any machine in the workshop so that we can safely assess and repair our equipment. Users should never attempt to repair, adapt, or alter any of our equipment.

This Instructable teaches you how to run a Water and Abrasive Test, Home the X&Y axes, and Square the A-Jet.

ANYTIME the computer is restarted, the Homing and Squaring operations should be run.

Step 1: Turn on

Press the green button on the front panel to turn the computer and waterjet on.

Step 2: Open Make Software

Step 3: Prepare to Run a Water and Abrasive Test

Use the green arrow keys to move head up and jog head within a few inches of the user home.

Move head so it is between slats.

The bottom of the water jet tank is reinforced with a steel plate in this area so that the tank cannot be pierced by a prolonged pierce in this location.

Step 4: Run Water and Abrasive Test

  • Select Test button
  • Select Water and Abrasive
  • Press Start
  • Check overall status of machine (ie garnet is flowing, hose is attached, etc)
  • The test will run for 60 seconds. If you do not need that much time press stop.

Step 5: Auto Square A-Jet

  • Move the head about one foot away from user home to allow room for the head to rotate.
  • Make sure head is above all fixtures (clamps, hold-downs, etc)
  • Select Homes Menu
  • Select Auto Square A-Jet (re-calibrate)
  • A window will pop up asking if it should move the head up. Check No if you have followed above instructions.
  • It will now start rotating head and squaring the A-Jet

Step 6: Home the Axis

It is important that the head is within one foot of User Home because during the homing routine it has a two foot limitation.

  • Select Homes Menu
  • Select Advanced
  • Select Auto Home
  • Hit Okay on 2 consecutive windows
  • It will now slowly start moving. Watch the machine until it is done homing
  • Leave the 'Homed' window on the screen so other users will know it has been homed