Introduction: Piezoelectric Generator

hello frnd,

i come with new attractive ,easy and smart power generation idea which is useful for your smart project and give new way of creation .

piezo electric power generation which is fully depend on applying pressure on piezo transducer,

Step 1: Collect Wooden Plywood As U Want to Make in Your Size

cut as per images .

Step 2: Buy Piezo Electric Buzzer at 20 Rs Per Pic and Modify As Image and Get Piezo Transducer


Step 3: Draw Square Box to Attach Use Box As Per Show Images,,, Buzzer Upper Parts Use for Making Top Part to Press

Step 4: Make Series Connection of Piezo Transducer

Step 5: Finally Glue or (use Plastic Tap )on Series Connection on Down Part As Shown Image

Step 6: Start to Generate Electricity by Applying Finger Pressure ,,,

Step 7: Generate Electricity While Walking Homemade