Introduction: Pig-tailed Knight Hat

This is a knight hat that my daughter designed. She designed it to be like a hood in the winter with 2 pig-tails on the sides for fun. It has a scarf-like neck that keeps your neck warm. She hopes it's fun and a good hat to use.

Step 1: Make the Main Scarf Body

Crochet 50 stitches with colored yarn of your choice. After the first row, double stitch from then on for 7 rows and then end.

Step 2: The Back of the Hat

Go in 15 stitches and start a new row while still double stitching.

Stitch until your 25th row and then end.

Step 3: Loop and Sew

Make a row of yarn connected to the hat. Make it 60 stitches and 7 more rows around, end, then attach it to the other side. Now take a yarn needle and stitch the inside angle to the top corner, all the way untill you have no flappy parts. Take the bottom of the opening and a 2 foot long sting of yarn and with 6 inches hanging off. Stitch it around the whole opening, so that the string is still hanging and you can tie it in a bow

Step 4: Pig-tails

If you want pig-tails then stitch a row of 15 stitches with extra sting hanging off the ends then do a second row with or without double stitching. I chose to finger-knit the "ribbons" or you could crochet them.

Do as many ribbons as you want; I did 15 and then hooked them on to the corners that stick out at the top. Then repeat on the other side.

Step 5: Final Product!

This is what it looks like when you're done. Have fun!

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