Pigeon Farm Automation

Introduction: Pigeon Farm Automation

The world around us is getting automated day by day with the advent of technology. Because of tiring the manual labor, automated systems are being favored. As other types of farming , Pigeon farm also can be done using the system to yield more comfortable environment and for more production. In pigeon farming, to protect the fit racing pigeon from losing form temperature in the farm must be above 10 and below 30 degree Celsius, and the humidity kept below 65% . These are the conditions that favor continuing health and known as the Thermo-Neutral zone for the pigeon. In this project we are going to develop a system that will control the lights and blower fan as required temperature and humidity including the desired time.

Step 1: Farmhouse Area Design

Here we just design our projected area what we have to control through blower fan and lights.

Step 2: Block Diagram

Here is the the project block diagram.

Step 3: Study on Relative Temperature and Humidity in Bangladesh

Average maximum and minimum temperature, relative humidity and the relation between relative humidity and air temperature is given through chart.

Step 4: Required Components



3.Real Time Clock Module

4.LCD (20x04)

5.Four Channel Relay Module

6.Reqired Wires and connector.

7.Power Supply

Step 5: Circuit Diagram

here is the ckt diagram of this project

Step 6: Source Code

Here is my project source code which was sketch through arduino exe.

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    Cool idea. Could you share some more details about how it is setup up in practice?