Introduction: Pigeon House

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Here is an easy to build Pigeon house using plywood and wire net has major materials. Follow the steps below to learn more.


1. 2x4 Plywood 1/4 inches

2.Wire net

3. Top Bond (Glue)

3.Hot glue sticks + gun

5.hinge + lock

6.Small nails + Hammer

7.Measuring tape


9. Copper wires (0.7mm)

Step 1: Gather All Materials and Tools Needed

Step 2: Forming the Box Frame Part 1

1. Measure the box frame and cut all parts to pieces.

2. Using the hot glue, glue the parts together to form a rectangular box with two rooms.

Step 3: Forming the Box Frame Part 2

3. Insert the plywood to demarcate the box into two rooms.

4. Complete the box using the hot glue.

Step 4: Forming the Door Frame

1. Cut out a piece of wire and place in between the wood following the measurement.

2. Use the hammer to nail through the wood.

3. Insert the hinges.

3. Form an outline to the frame for fitting into the wire cage.

4. Insert the door lock.

Step 5: Cutting and Inserting the Wires

1. Cut out the wire for the door to fit in.

2. Use copper wires to hold the pipe above the door frame.

Step 6: Forming the Wire Cage Round the Wooden Cage

1. Measure out the size and cut out pieces of copper wires to join the wires together at the edges.

2. Form the wire cage and mount the plywood at the back for hanging

Step 7: Forming the Feeding Box

1. Cut out pieces of wood using the dimension

2. Form the feeding tray using hot glue

Step 8: Assembling and Installation

1. Assemble and join all edges until a box is formed

2. Use the glue bond to glue the twisted wires.

3. Hang the cage at your desired location.

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