Introduction: Pikachu

Size introduction:

Body: length: 100mm Width: 30mm Wheel: diameter: 25mm

Specific introduction:

The skateboard adopts metal collocation, which can give people a strong visual conflict. Picachu pattern is placed on the surface to make the skateboard more vivid. Spline curve is used to fit the side to make the skateboard lighter and thinner, with more smooth lines. Protective strips are arranged on the side to facilitate fancy movements. In the middle of the wheel, it is cut to make it petal like, eliminating the clumsiness of the wheel itself and making it more dazzling. The wheel is an enlarged wheel, in order to increase the safety of the skateboard, and also to adapt the skateboard to a variety of terrain. Spring is added to the wheel and axle to make the skateboard more flexible, adapt to the more complex terrain and enhance the user experience.

车身:长:100mm 宽:30mm 轮子:直径:25mm


Step 1: Making Motherboard

Create a sketch and modify the sketch.Then extrude the sketch.


Step 2: Modify Motherboard

Adjust the motherboard to make the appearance of the motherboard more beautiful.

Add protective measures on both sides of the motherboard.


Step 3: Make a Connecting Bridge

The connecting bridge is composed of a spring and a wheel shaft fixing block.

The spring is to make the skateboard more flexible, can adapt to the more complex terrain, and enhance the user's sense of experience.


Step 4: Manufacture of Wheels and Axles

Combine the wheel with the spring retaining block.

The wheel is formed by intersecting and tangent to a group of circles, the outer outline of the wheel is an enlarged outline, in order to increase the safety of the skateboard, but also to adapt to a variety of terrain; The pattern in the wheel is to increase the beauty of the petals, but also to reduce the weight of the skateboard.


Step 5: Combination of Connecting Bridge and Axle

Combine the connecting bridge with the axle.


Step 6: Create an Overall Motion Link

Fix the wheel and axle.

Connect the axle with the connecting bridge so that the axle drives the wheel to rotate.


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