Introduction: Pikachu Kandi Cuff

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Perfect for going to your next EDM fest, I'm going to show you how to
make a Pikachu kandi cuff! Most of this is repeating patterns so once you get the hang of it, it's going to look great.

Step 1: Materials

This cuff is made out of pony beads- you can find them for cheap at your local craft store. For this project we're going to be using four colors.

Yellow: 272 beads

Black: 32 beads

Red: 14 beads

White: 2 beads

Once you have all these we are ready to start!

Step 2: Pattern

Here is the pattern we will be working off of. It's going to be 32 columns wide x 10 rows tall. You're going to have to reference this later once we start.

Step 3: First Row

Start with threading 32 yellow beads onto your elastic.

Knot the elastic into a bracelet.

Step 4: 2nd Row

This is going to be a skipping pattern. Put 1 bead onto your elastic, and thread this through two beads over. It's going to create a stacked effect. Do this around the whole bracelet.

Step 5: 3rd Row

Add another row the same as before. At this point your bracelet should start to stand up on its own.

Step 6: 4th Row

Once you've reached the 4th row you'll start adding other colors, following the pattern.

Step 7: Adding the Rest of the Rows

As you add more rows where your elastic starts will slowly start to rotate. Continue to check the pattern. A good rule of thumb is 1st-2nd row of beads tall use the first row of beads on the pattern (starting on the left). 3rd-4th row start on the 2nd bead over. 5-6 use count three beads over and start there. That pattern continues. So you will find that instead of your elastic starting in the yellow it will shift into the cheeks and towards the face. That's normal.

Step 8: Tying Off the Loose Ends

Once you have reached the last row it's time to tie it off. Thread the elastic through one of the intersecting beads and double or triple knot it. Add a dab of clear nail polish if you want to make it extra secure. Cut off excess.

Step 9: Finished!

Now it's completely finished. Wear several single row bracelets along with it to bulk up the look!

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