Introduction: Pill Dispenser

This instructable was created in fulfillment of the project requirement of the Makecourse at the University of South Florida (

Technology makes it easier now to communicate better with patients that have specific needs. I designed a pill dispenser that would help people to remember the time they should take their pill and dispense it.

Step 1: Components

1) Arduino Uno R3 clone

2) Wires

3) Stepper Motor

4) IIC 1602 LCD

5) Mini Audio Magnet Raspberry Pi and Arduino Speaker 3 Watt 8 Ohm JST

6) Gikfun SD Storage Board TF Card Memory Shield

7) Breadboard

8) Battery

9) HiLetgo HC-05 6 Pin Wireless Bluetooth RF Transceiver

10) ULN2003 driver

11) Android smart phone

Step 2: Initial 3D Models

This is an initial 3D models I designed when I started. I came up with an issue with the LCD display touching the compartments. So, I tried to modify my design to have LCD display in different place without having to touch the compartments. Also, I had an issue with the stepper motor where it does not fit properly so it won't turn.

Step 3: Final 3D Models

Then I came up with the idea of having the LCD display in the corner of the base and that would even look better. I also designed the turning part to fit the stepper motor exactly and that worked perfectly. I recommend if you want to make this design to push the walls back a little so the pill dispensed have space.

Step 4: Building Process and Assembling

First step is to hook up the motor to the base as you see in the picture. Then assemble LCD display using screws , then apply the rest of the parts.

Step 5: Circuit Schematic and Its Functionality

Here is a circuit schematic using proteus circuit simulator shows the connection of each part used. The battery I used was 9V power supply. Then I made the appropriate connections as you see in the sketch.

note that the memory card and the bluetooth chip are not connected to the power supply or ground because they are not used unless told by the code.

Arduino will be the microcontroller which will be programmed to perform required tasks. It will receiver commands from user and perform required actions on component according what was received. LCD will show gaudiness for the user like welcome message. Stepper motor depend on 5 volt battery , it will act as actuator to rotate the pill dispenser disk according to scheduled time which will be set by the user. HC05 Bluetooth module will be used to communicate with android app . Speaker will generate tones that notify the user to get his or her pill and the message will be stored in SD card model

Step 6: Codes and Libraries

Here is a useful link on how to set up your application using google :

useful link on how to set up SD card and speakers :

Here is the link of MIT application I used :

Download the application on android phone then make sure you are in range with the bluetooth model to connect. On the top there is a search Icon for device. Select your model and connect then there will be connected icon to make sure that your phone is connected. then set up the times you want your pill to be dispensed.

Step 7: Demo Video

Step 8: Conclusion

In conclusion, the Pill Dispenser designed is a prototype and could have many possible improvements like power consumption and a place where the pill will be dispensed. A bill of material have been established and the total cost is around 40 $ include printing the parts.