Pillbox Bobbin Tidy!

Introduction: Pillbox Bobbin Tidy!

1 step wonder for what I find to be a frustrating sewing organisation issue! Yes, there are commercial solutions but I felt no need to spend upwards of $20 for something bigger and messier than this...

~ source a pillbox, mine was from ebay for around $3
(clear works best as you can still see your colours, followed by rainbow where you can colour coordinate the bobbins and boxes)
~ tidy all your bobbins by untangling, rewinding and clipping tails
~ sort bobbins into the pillbox

Ta Da!

NB: I use Brother and Toyota sewing machines, they both use a very similar (and interchangeable) bobbin. You may need to measure your bobbin and hunt around a bit to find a case which fits your bobbins.

PS: Sorry for the less than amazing quality of the photos, they were taken with my phone...

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nicely done. I currently have all my bobbins bouncing around in a drawer with a bunch of other stuff... uncoiling and making a messy rats-nest of thread. This is a great idea!