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Pillow Transform to bed is very useful when travel. Use it as pillow while travel, when want to sleep open it and use it at bed. Its a very soft bed so parents with small child use it. Its very simple to sew and very helpful to organize while travel or tour.

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials Required

1) Printed Cotton cloth - 88 Cm X 200 Cm (I sew it for kid so i use bird design).

2) Plain Cotton cloth - 88 Cm X 200 Cm.

3) 2mm Sponge Sheet - 77cm X 91 cm, 4 Nos for soft surface.

4) Velvet Cloth - 40cm X 46 CM.

5) Zip - 100 Cm.

Tools Required

1) Sewing Machine.

2) Scissors.

3) Bell Pins.

4) Pencil.

Step 2: Cutting

Cut the Printed cotton cloth 88 Cm X 200 Cm and Plan cotton cloth 88Cm X 200 Cm. Cut 4 Pieces of 2 mm thickness Sponge sheet to 77cm X 91 Cm.

Step 3: Pin for Sewing

Fold the two Cotton cloth in the Center and make it 88cm X 100 cm. Put the sponge in the center of both cloth. Leave equal space on four sides. Fold the cloth in the corners as shown in the figure to make the cutting end not visible. Make all the cloth straight and Pin with Bell Pins in all sides, this help while sewing.

Step 4: First Sewing

Sew using sewing machine with thick and Quality thread. Low quality thread or thin thread cut while sewing in printed cloths. Saw carefully in the folding edges. Remove the Pins after each line sew.

Step 5: Second Sewing - Cross Lines

Before Sew Mark where to saw. Sewing lines are only able to fold easily. So as per the pillow size make the line for Sewing.

1) First sew in the correct center of the bed. Because pillow cover is in the center of the bed.

2) Pillow is 21cm X 38cm and its cover is 42cm X 38 cm. So mark 21 cm from center for both sides.

3) For other side mark 19 cm from center line and sew.

4) Remaining 23 Cm on one side and 20 cm on other side.

5) Mark 17 Cm on all sides and sew.

Sew all the lines parallel, Then only when fold it look neat and fit inside the pillow.

Step 6: Third Sewing - Cover With Zip

The most tedious process is Sewing the Zip with Velvet cloth. Both cloth are very smooth and the outcome also want be neat. Now the Pillow Cover size want to be 42cm X 38 cm so cut 46 X 40 velvet cloth. First open the Zip and sew it on the sides of the velvet cloth and then sew from the opposite side of the zip , this make the zip come out and looking very neat in the edges, also guard the velvet cloth threads from come out. Cut the Extra Zip and put hand stretch in the start and end point of the zip.

Step 7: Check the Bed Fit in to the Pillow

Fold the Bed in the stitch lines and put it in the center of the Pillow and check it able to zip and unzip.

Step 8: Fourth Sewing - Join the Pillow Cover and Bed

Now the Last part of the Sewing is fitting the Cover with the bed. Spread the pillow cover in the center of the bed and pin it on the edges. Now you found the stitches for Zip match with the stitches in the bed. Put the stitch over the zip stitch and bed. Now the Pillow come bed is ready.

Step 9: Bed Some Pillow Is Ready

First fold the inner folds and then fold near the zip and close the zip. If you want it as bed unzip it and unfold the bed.

Step 10: Make in Diffrerent Sizes

I already have a biggest one and now the small one join with the family. We use the big one for last 1 year we able to wash it and due to use of sponge it weight less.

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