Pimp Up Your Crocs

Introduction: Pimp Up Your Crocs

Hello Everybody!!

Now, I recently received a pair of crocs- these super-plastic-gardening-for-short-outside-walks-shoes. and I thought I might add a personal touch to them, just for fun you know;) I guess you can do this project with any kind of those shoes but of course you can also follow my example. When I thought about pimping them a little, it came to my mind that it would be great to have money shoes, so instead you putting on boring one-colour-clogs, you’re basically wearing money. on your feet. isn’t that awesome??? Okay, i admit, I didn’t use real money for the paper part- i printed that stuff out (more information about that amongst the next steps) but i think it still looks nice and certainly will draw attention to your feet! Have fun and enjoy- if you like my project, I’d kindly ask you to vote for it in the „footwear“-contest- that’d be awesome! thank you !! Cheers, Hannah

What you're going to need:

one pair of crocs (or any plastic shoes)

paint brush

sealing glue


some old coins you don’t use, or if you’re willing to sacrifice some of your own money, well, feel free to use that of course

a printer to print out pictures of paper money- you can find your preferred paper money pics online or you can simply use the ones I collected (pdf below)

Step 1: Getting Started

First of all, prepare the „paper money“, which is going to be the base of your shoe. simply print out smaller and larger pictures of money, whichever kind you like. i used a combination of dollars and pounds and I think there came some new zealandish dollar with them. Two A4-sized papers will be enough for about one croc (mine was size 39), so for the pair you’ll need around four pages total. When you have the paper ready, cut out the different bills and tear them into smaller pieces in order to fit them correctly on the shoes.

Step 2: Next Thing to Do

That one’s simple- you apply the pieces of the paper bills onto the crocs using the sealing glue. If it doesn’t stick all too well at first, don’t worry, it takes a while for that kind of glue to dry. The reason why I used sealing glue is, that it dries clear and is also waterproof which comes in kind of handy if you go outside with them because then the paper won’t come off. Cover the whole shoe with it- I left out the soles as well as the inner sides because I liked the green of the shoe with the combination f the money- but you can of course cover the whole thing if you feel like it. I’m just not sure how well it would go with the soles because I guess it would wear of soon. But try it if you want.

Let the croc dry well.

Step 3: The Grande Finale

Even simpler- Pick a few coins- I picked matching ones for each line, as you can see, bronze, silver and gold ones. I sticked to eight coins total but here as well- if you feel like adding more to it, do that, if you don’t like the coins, leave it. Make sure you put loads of glue on them so that they won’t come off easily. It’s probably good to add several layers of glue to make sure the coins really stick.

And that’s already it- let dry again and the only thing left to do is to put them on;)

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