Introduction: Pimp Your Currency

I recently offered a small prize at my local makerspace in the form of crispy twenty pound notes. Accordingly I asked my manservant to check down the back of the sofa for some cash.

Disappointingly he could find only rather scruffy notes. In rather irritated mood I told him to go away and crisp them, at which point he confessed that he didn't know what I meant. Fleetingly I toyed with the idea of dismissing him from my service and having his family sold for medical experiments, but it is hard to get good staff nowadays, so I decided a good ticking off would have to do.

I have prepared this instructable, in case you have also run into this problem.

Step 1: You Will Need

20 pound notes

Spray starch

An Iron and Ironing Board

Step 2: Preparation.

Give your notes a preliminary flattening. A force of approximately 23.97654 newtons will be adequate.

Step 3: Starch the Notes

Spray the notes with starch BOTH sides. do not overdo it though, we want crisp here not rigid.

Re-iron the notes.

Step 4: Results

Here we see some freshly crisped notes.

Now you too can always have a pristine note when you need one.