Introduction: Pimp Your Headphones

I´ve been stuggling finding the right headphones for the longest time.
They are either very pretty or good. But I never found a pair that combines both.

So I just decided to pimp the ones I already had at home.

If you´ve got the same struggle, or you´re bored, or you just wanna get rid of some old ironing beads, here´s what you need:

  • headphones
  • ironing beads
  • scissors
  • a bowl

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

First of all you need to get your supplies ready.

You´ll need a pair of headphones, a pair of scissors, some ironing beads and a small bowl.

Step 2: Choose Colours

Now you can get creative!

Find out the colour scheme you wanna have on your headphones.

You could also only use one colour or make your headphones multicoloured.

Step 3: Cutting the Beads

Once you decided on which colours you want to use you can start cutting the ironing beads.

Therefore you just have to put a bead on one of the blades of your scissors and cut it.

Please be carefull! If you are a child you might wanna ask your parents to assist you. :)

After cutting, I put the beads in a bowl so they couldn´t roll away.

FYI: I cut around 180 ironing beads to cover my headphones, so it might take a while. Be patient though and take a break if your hand feels tired.

Step 4: Arranging Time!

Once you´ve cut some beads you can start putting them on your cable.

You just have to pull the beads apart and put the cable inside the gap.

Repeat the step until you reach the point where the cable splits into two.

Step 5: DONE!!

And that´s how you pimp your headphones. :)

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