Introduction: Pimp Your Mini Lighthouse

Here is a mini lighthouse that comes from France (Brittany) which was illuminated by a candle,

I removed the candle and inserted two electronic circuits a NE555 for the brightness of the LED and a 74HC04 for the LDR and the Battery.

the battery is 4.8V NiMh in four AAA battery holder.

Step 1: Screenshots of the Two Modules Used for the Headlight

Here are the screenshots of the two modules used for the headlight.

The schemas, PCB and SVG-PCB are in the attached ZIP archive

Step 2: Construction

Connect the 4.8V battery to the LDR module input.

The LDR must be glued to the outside of the Headlight to operate properly. Connect the room LED and the NE555 module input to the LDR module output. Connect the flash LED to the output of the NE555 module WARNING carefully respect the polarities of the modules and LEDs.

Step 3: Material and Files

1 epoxy PCB presenzitised 100 x 75 mm, soldering iron, solder, drill 0.8mm, acétone


1 x 74HC04

1 x Potentiometer 200K

4 x Pin Header

1 x tantalum condensator 10µF

1 x 100nF condensator

1 x LDR


1 x NE555

1 x DIL 8 support

1 x Pin Header

1 x tantalum condensator 10µF

1 x 10nF condensator

1 x 330K resistor

1x 10K resistor

1 x 33 Ohms resistor

1 x white LED


flashing LED for Kicad 07/2013 version

transparent for insolation SVG open with internet explorer or InkScape

Kicad old version 2013 link: search or Kicad 2013 old version

Step 4: LED Flashing 10 Years With 1,5 Volts Joule Thief

I changed the power mode of the Lighthouse LED because I found a video that can flash an LED with a 1.5Volts battery for 10 years. Here's the link:

10 years LED flashing

Step 5:

the author was made a new version i made it and the LED Flash is more powerfull see the video link:

there is about a link for PDF file to print PCB

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