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Introduction: Pimp Your Earphones || Power of SkullCandy in MOTO

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I had a fantastic Skull Candy Ink'd earphones (great bass) they sound great and i always wear them. But due to excessive wear and tear the connections just above the jack went bad (fixed it see image). Then it went bad after some time. Had a spare Moto E earbuds which came with box, these buds are waste, quality is bad more on that ear's hurts since those don't have the soft in ear plugs. Now how about we swap the Skull Candy power with Moto E buds. And the ible will explain the same.

Ideally when plugs get busted its usually not the speaker that gets bad, the weak link is the connection chords

WE HAVE a bad SkullCandy and a not so great Moto E plugs.

WHAT WE DO swap SkullCandy speakers to Moto E plugs.

WHAT WE WILL HAVE a wearable Moto E earphone with SkullCandy speakers and in ear soft plugs.

Step 1: Inspect & Rig

We first tear down both earplugs and earphones. As shown in images above i pulled down the front of each buds exposing the speakers (CAREFUL). Once those are exposed the wire can be easily cut using a cutter. Thus i have pulled out the speakers from Skull Candy those two will be used with white chords.

Note : There are red spots/markings those are +ve and other is -ve and similar connections are to be done to be fixed.

Step 2: Assembly

This will require a bit of soldering. Before hot wiring it, scrub the tip of wire with blade so the connections will be done easily and those will not be loose. Connect the respective wires and solder. Check the buds for sound, by hooking it with a cellphone or any other device, ideally it would be good in first go, if not check soldering or swap the wires. Once those are done lets fuse them together.(this is step where testing should be done thoroughly there is no turning back when everything is fused)

You might have noticed the white buds have enough of space in between, since skull candy ones are bit smaller. But we will make them pretty soon.

To fuse them together there are plenty of options like Sealant(mix two liquids), Sugru, hot glue,etc. i used white hot glue since i dont have access to Sugru else i would have surely used it. I dabbed some hot glue in and pulled the wire and it stayed in place and the end results are above pretty decent working implant.

The buds in this step is really not usable i really wouldn't use it outside so lets make them pretty.

Step 3: Prettify

Use a very smaller grit sanding paper and sand it down, remove the excess gum with blade/cutter. Now it looks pretty decent. Still it looks somewhat weird(but not insanely ugly), white cords and black plugs. But guess what we can spray them white and somewhat gel them together. So wrap it with masking tape, and spray paint two layers are more than enough.

Note : Please use the masking tape on cables + on grill for speakers.

Step 4: End Result

Its pretty dope. Same power & comfort of skull candy in Moto E cheap earbuds. Plugs rejuvenated i feel like the scientist who put life in Frankenstein.

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    7 years ago

    Brilliantly handled situation. I might have to try this