Introduction: Pimp Your Kids Ride

With summer about over, give your kid something that they'll be proud to swing a leg around for that fall ride to school. With a quick fork extension you can quickly build a great looking and fun to ride chopper.

Step 1: Start With Your Kids Bike

Step 2: Take Off the Handle Bars So That They Aren't in the Way

It's also a good idea to take the entire fork out of the headset. unfortunately, the reflector mount sometimes becomes loose and strips the threads on the stem of the fork. If this happens you might want to leave the fork and frame together.

Step 3: Draw a Line on the Forks Before Cutting

Drawing a line on the forks makes it easier to line up later when you weld them back together. This is easier to see in the later steps.

Step 4: Cut the Forks

You can cut the forks using a variety of different metal saws. Here I'm using a pneumatic auto body saw. This saw works great, doesn't require that much air, and only costs about $20 from Harbor Freight.

Step 5: Forks Cut Apart and Grinding Them Down to Remove Paint for Welding

Step 6: Test Assembly of Forks

The assembly of these forks was especially easy. I used 1" .040 steel for the new fork tubing. it turned out that the inner diameter of the original forks was just slightly bigger than the 1" steel. This allowed for the extensions to fit inside the original fork.

Step 7: Draw Alignment Lines on the Fork Extensions

we'll use these makes as an alignment aid when we assembly the final forks.

Step 8: Use the Alignment Marks to Line Up the Forks

Step 9: Tack Weld Everything Together First

Step 10: Weld Forks

Step 11: Finished