Introduction: Pimping My Arduino

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Yeah baby! Sometimes economy ain't how I wanna fly. Then I need to do a little customizing so I can get things right by me.

Step 1: In Case You Missed It

Yesterday I uploaded an article about putting some feet on these Arduino boards. You can see it here

But now I am going to share some more mods I like to do on my Arduino boards.

Step 2: Let's Do Some Pinstriping

Because that five Volt pin is hard to find. A bit of tape on the plain Jane connector, then drawing a red line makes it stand out!

Step 3: Adding a Cloth Top

Because that USB connector really sticks out. The first shield I bought was some kind of a TFT touch screen and when I was reading a page about it whoever wrote that pointed out that the USB connector can short the shield out if it is not insulated. I looked and sure enough they were right!

So now I put some cloth electrical tape on the top of all of my Arduino B USB connector housings. It looks styling anyways I think.

In the series of images I show how I put the piece of tape on, then cut it, and fold it over.

I'm new to all of this Arduino stuff so if anyone has any customizing tricks they do I would like to see them. Share them in the comments please. Thanks for checking my article out.