Introduction: Pin Up Makeup

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Looking for an easy and feminine costume? This is it! Transport yourself to the 1920's with this makeup and hair.

Step 1: You Will Need..

Nude eyeshadow

Brown eyeshadow

Gold eyeshadow

Black eyeliner

Pink blush

Contour powder


Red lipstick


False lashes

Makeup brushes

Step 2: Eyeshadows

Put the nude eyeshadow all over your lids. Mark the crease with the brown eyeshadow and wing it out.

Step 3: Eyeliner

Draw a cat eye with the black eyeliner. It has to be very exaggerated so your eyes can look very sharp.

Draw the lower lash line just in the outer half.

Step 4: Foundation

Put foundation all over your face with a large brush, this way it will look more natural. If you need concealer use it before the foundation.

Step 5: Contour

Contour your cheeks by drawing a line right under the cheekbone and blend it. Draw lines at the sides of your nose to make it look very thin. Blend them perfectly.

Step 6: Blush and Brows

Put blush in the apples of your cheeks.

Mark your eyebrows with brown eyeshadow and an angled brush. Keep them thin and with a high arc.

Step 7: Lashes

Use lots of mascara and the outer part of the false eyelashes.

Step 8: Lips

Paint your lips in red making it very pointy in the upper lip. Put a little bit of gold eyeshadow to give it a lot of light and volume.

Step 9: Hair

Curl up your hair and wait for the curls to cool down. Draw a mole in your cheek using the eyeliner.

Style your hair to the back and leave a part on top to make a big curl.

Step 10: Ready!

Finish up with accessories, a big flower in your hair and jewelry.

You're ready! Have fun!

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