Introduction: Pinboard Makeover

About: Just an ordinary girl who loves sewing and mixing material. I love getting inspiration here and I hope that some of you get it from my ideas too. Have it good, everybody!!

Do you have a pinboard that boring and in need of more life?

You will need:

An old pinboard
Piece of material (in this case crossstitch material)
Wool that matches or contrasts
Pins with bright ball heads

Step 1: Measure and Pin Detail

Measure the pinboard to get the length and width of the area inside the frame. Cut your material to fit.

Lay your material in the pinboard and start to think of your detailing.

To start with tie a knot in your wool and stick the first pin through it then you can start to make your pattern.
To make the pattern twist the wool around the pin as shown then push the pin in so it holds the wool tight in place.
To finish as before tie a knot and take the last pin through it.

For my pattern, it was best to start in the corner and work around the frame.
PLUS! Do not cut a length of wool in the begining but to wait and cut the extra at the end of the process because you can run out.

Step 2: Paper Holder (extra)

If you want you can add a paper holder part to your pinboard.
This is simply done in the same way as before.

Start with a knot and stick the first pin through it.
Then weave it around until you like the pattern and finish with the last pin through a knot.
(you can see on the picture the double pins are where I started and finished)

Step 3:

And it is done!

Your old pinboard is transformed into a personal pretty but still useful art board!