Introduction: Pincushion Cuff Tutorial

This pincushion cuff is my favorite sewing accessory! Just strap it on and get busy sewing.

It goes where you go, so you won't find yourself frustrated when you are standing there holding an area to pin only to discover that the pincushion is waaaaay over there out of reach.

Step 1: Cut Pieces

(2) strips 9" long x 2.75" wide
(1) Iron-on interfacing or other stabilizer (optional)
(1) 2" piece of VELCRO

(2) circles 3-4" in diameter for the outside fabrics (a coffee cup, yogurt container lid or packing tape works great for a circle template)
(1) extra layer of scrap fabric for the bottom of the pincushion. This will be on the inside so it doesn't matter what it looks like.

Step 2: Sew Pincushion

Lay the two circles from your outside fabric RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. Place the scrap fabric circle on the WRONG side of the piece that will be the bottom of your pincushion.

Stitch around edge using the edge of your presser foot as the seam allowance guide. Leave a 1" or so place to turn it right side out. Tip: Sew the opening area closed first by back stitching, then lengthening your stitch and sewing about an inch, and then back stitch again where the opening ends. Then you can press the seam open in this area and remove the stitches. This will give you a nice crease to follow when stitching the opening closed.

Clip all around the circle and press your stitches to shrink them up.

Turn the pincushion right side out through the opening.

Step 3: Stuff It

Stuff the pincushion with polyfil. Make sure to stuff between the extra layer of scrap fabric and the fabric that is the top.

Slip stitch the opening closed.

Step 4: Sew Cuff

Apply iron-on interfacing to the WRONG SIDE of one cuff piece.

Lay cuff pieces RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER matching up edges and pin in place.

Sew around perimeter of cuff pieces using edge of presser foot as the seam allowance. Leave an opening for turning along one of the longer sides. Tip: See tip in step #3 re: sew opening closed first.

Press stitches to shrink them.

Turn cuff right side out.

Slip stitch opening closed.

Topstitch around perimeter at 1/8"-1/4".

Step 5: Make Flower

Thread needle with embroidery floss or wool thread.

Insert through the middle of the bottom of the pincushion and come out in the top of the center.

Wrap thread around outside edge and push needle through the bottom center again coming out on top.

Repeat making four quadrants and then divide each quadrant again with thread.

Step 6: Attach Button

Sew button onto center of the top.

Step 7: Attach Pincushion to Cuff

Center pincushion on cuff and hand stitch the bottom side to the cuff. These stitches won't be visible so feel free to not worry about them being perfect. Go around a few times to secure the pincushion to the cuff.

Step 8: Attach VELCRO Tabs

Take one side of the VELCRO and sew it to the top side of one end of the cuff

Take the second piece of VELCRO and sew it to the BOTTOM side of the other end of the cuff.

Step 9: Finishing

Trim stray threads and add pins--you are done!