Introduction: Pine Needle Lamp

/M A T E R I A L S/

pine needles - lots

scrap wood/pallet wood

chipotle bowl

light bulb



/T O O L S/



hot glue gun

hot glue sticks

wood glue



x-acto knife

screwdriver - phillips head

Step 1: Build the Structure

1. Cut the pallet wood into rectangular pieces. Cut two different sizes: 6 shorter pieces and 3 longer pieces. It is alright if they are roughly cut.

2. Hammer three shorter pieces into a triangle using nails. Make two of these. One will serve as the base and the other will serve as the top.

3. Lay the longer pieces flat on the table and the triangle vertically. This makes it easier to hammer the nails, giving a flat surface to work on. Attach a long piece to each corner of the triangle using a hammer and nails.

4. Continue with all the longer pieces and the both triangles until you have built a structure that stands on it's own. Reference the photos for further clarity.

5. Use hot glue and wood glue as needed.

Step 2: Prepare the Bowl

1. Cut the chipotle bowl as seen in the first image, to create a sort of pizza slice shape. This will house the bulb/socket.

2. Trace the socket onto the bowl and cut out a hole slightly smaller than the circle.

3. Place the cut bowl into the structure so each corner touches a column.

4. Hot glue the top and the bottom of each corner.

5. Place the lightbulb and socket to check for fit.

6. Cut out a rectangle on the wider side in order to let out more light.

Step 3: Glue the Pine Needles Into Strips

1. Using tape, create a base by folding the two ends of the strip and sticking them to the table.

2. Stick the pine needles onto the tape so that they are parallel, with no space between.

3. Glue the tips together with a horizontal stripe of hot glue.

4. Continue gluing smaller segments on pine needles.

5. Connect the segments of pine needles to each other with hot glue in order to create a strip long enough to bridge the gap between two wood columns of the structure.

Step 4: Glue Strips Onto Wooden Structure

1. Begin by gluing strips at the top of the structure.

2. Start to layer them, going down the structure. Glue each strip behind the next, in order to hide the tips of the pine needles that have been covered in hot glue.

3. Layer the needles until they become dense.

4. Continue this process until all 3 sides are covered.

5. Ideally it should only take 7 strips per side.

6. Before covering the last side, make sure to wire the bulb and place it in the bowl (see next step), as it will become impossible to insert the bulb after all three sides have been covered.

Step 5: Wire the Socket

1. Split the cord.

2. Tie an underwriter's knot.

3. Make loops with the wire.

4. Wrap one loop around the positive and one around the negative.

5. Use a phillips head screwdriver to tighten the screws down so that the loops cannot escape.

6. Your bulb and socket should be inside the lamp before closing off the third side with pine needles.

Step 6: Enjoy

Enjoy this spiky lamp.