Introduction: Pine Tray Table

below are step are the steps to make a beautiful tray table.

Step 1: Pick Wood

Take a board of pine and cut it right down the middle into equal lengths

Step 2: Glue Wood Togther

since the wood is not wide enough you must glue about three inches of wood on to the lengths of 27 inches long.

Step 3: Make Handles

while waiting for the glue to dry make the handles for the tray out of wood usiong a bandsaw.

Step 4: Make Border

Make the border the same length and width

then take 6"x2" screws and screw the handles into the border.

Step 5: Put on the Border

using 3d nails nail the border on to the center piece and use 3 nails per side

Step 6: Stain Wood

use any stain you want to and stain the entire project.

Then you are finished!