Introduction: Pineapple Peel Juice

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A delicious,sweet,fresh and cold beverage!

Just think; something you throw away,something you don't even think of useing. Here is recipe do use that "something", and make a delicious,sweet and tasty pineapple drink from pineapple peels.

We got this recipe from a lady on a mission field.

Step 1: Gather Supplies.


  1. Sugar
  2. Boiling Water
  3. Pineapple Peel

You will also need:

  1. A Wooden Spoon
  2. A Cloth
  3. A Pot
  4. Kitchen Measuring Tools

Step 2: Throw Pineapple Peels Into Pot.

Step 3: Boil Water.

Step 4: Add Boiling Water to Pineapple Peels.

Throw the boiling water till it covers the pineapples peels.

Step 5: Turn the Knob to Level 6.

Step 6: Add Sugar.

The amount of sugar you add depnds largely on your quantity of pineapple peels. I added 185 ml sugar. You can add more or less sugar,depending on your taste.

Step 7: Dissolve Sugar.

Step 8: Wait Till Boiling.

Step 9: Turn Knob to 1.

Let it boil a bit.

Step 10: Turn Knob to 0, But Keep on Stove.

Let it stay there for about 10-15 minutes.

Step 11: Get Your Jug Ready.

Step 12: Cover the Jug With the Cloth.

Step 13: Throw Your Juice Through the Cloth Into the Jug.

The cloth is there to filter all pieces of pineapple peel out. Be careful, the pot is warm.

Step 14: Cover Your Jug With Something and Let It Cool a Bit Before Putting It Into the Refrigerator.

Important: If you would put it directly into the refrigarator, harm could be done to the jug.

Step 15: If Cooled Down, Put Into Refrigerator.

Step 16: Add Mint Leaves to Taste.

Step 17: Enjoy With Ice and Lemon!

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Step 18: Tip

You can freeze your pineapple peels till you have a large quntity, because its better to make a lot of juice at one time, than just making a little bit and having a lot of trouble.

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