Pineapple Wall Hanging- Cardboard & Fabric

Introduction: Pineapple Wall Hanging- Cardboard & Fabric

In this Instructable we will be making a pineapple wall hanging! You can choose another shape and use this guide for the techniques to do the same concept for your shape! Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality so this banner is the perfect decoration for a summer party or just your house in general.

Hope you enjoy this Instructable!


Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You'll need

-cardboard. I used corrugated cardboard from a box
-fabric (for the fruit part of the pineapple. I used geometric gold print fabric)
-paint (for the leaves. I used gold paint)
- 2 paintbrushes. One for modge podge and one for paint (or just one brush and a way to wash it off)
-scissors that can cut the cardboard you have
-ribbon (for hanging the pineapples)
- duct tape or glue (for adhering the pineapples to the ribbon. Glue is more permanent and strong. I used duct tape because it was more convienent)
- modge podge (for adhering the fabric to the cardboard. I highly recommend this product over regular glue)
-pen for drawing your pineapple shapes

Step 2: Draw Your Pineapple

Use your pen to draw a pineapple on the cardboard.

Use scissors to cut the shape out.

Step 3: Create More Pineapples

Use your pen to trace your first pineapple onto a piece of cardboard. Trace as many pineapples as you want in your banner and cut out. My banner is made with 3 pineapples.

Step 4: Match Fabric to Each Pineapple

Figure out what fabric you want on each pineapple

Step 5: Cover Pineapple With Fabric

Cut a swatch of fabric that can fit over the fruit part of the pineapple. I used an existing straight edge of the fabric for the top of the fruit part by the leaves.

Cover the fruit part of the pineapple with modge podge and place swatch of fabric in place over it. Smooth out any wrinkles and let dry.

Step 6: Cut Fabric Edges

Use scissors to make small cuts on the fabric around the pineapple. You want to cut from the edge of the fabric right up to the cardboard.

Step 7: Modge Podge Flaps Down

Use paintbrush to apply modge podge to the back outside rim of your pineapple. I put modge podge all over the back because my flaps were kind of large so the flaps might have landed closer to the middle. The idea is to make sure the edges are covered with fabric to give it a nice edge.

In order to make the flaps stay in place, you can put additional modge podge under the flaps as well as painting the modge podge on top of the flaps. The modge podge will dry clear! (It's also just the back!)

Step 8: Paint the Leaves

Grab your paint brush and gold paint and paint the leaves of your pineapples gold!

Step 9: Make the Pineapples Into Banner

Now you'll need

- your pineapples
- long length of ribbon
-duck/duct tape or glue

Tie a loop at one end of the ribbon. This is what you'll use to hang the banner.

Next, place the first pineapple close to the knot and place tape over the ribbon on the back of the pineapple so it sticks the ribbon to the pineapples

Step 10: TAAAA Dahhh!!

You're done! Now you just have to decide ewhen to hang your banner!!!

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