Introduction: Pinecone Garland

My daughter's and I made a country pinecone garland for our porch this Christmas.

Step 1: Materials

*Strips of Holiday fabric (read/green/white)
*large twine
*small twine
*pinecones 10-15 (depends on the length of the garland you are making)

for a fancier garland add...
cinnamon sticks
old ornaments
pine branches

Step 2: Tying on the Christmas

1. Large Twine
-cut the large twine the desired length of the garland you need.
-Tie the large twine like a closeline across a room to make it easier to hang the items on it. Or lay it on the floor.

2. Fabric
-cut fabric into 1 inch x 4 inch pieces.
- Tie the fabric strips along the twine every 6 inches.

3.Small Twine
-Cut the small twine into 4 inch pieces.
-tie the twine around the pinecone into a knot, leaving the ends loose
-tie the pinecones on to the large closeline of twine.

Add the bells or whatever else you want.... Spacing them out along the closeline twine.

**We also made a garland for the steps and added cinnamon sticks, pinecones, bells, fabric and lights.

Step 3: Hang

I hung my garland along the front of the house with some fake pine. I also have some white lights I have to add.

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