Introduction: Ping Pong in Arduino, With MAX7219

Let's build the classic game of ping pong with arduino and with a 8*8 LED Matrix controlled by MAX7219.

It is necessary to have LedControl.h library. The code is compact as compared to other codes available in the internet. I hope you guys can enjoy making this fun creation!!

Step 1: Materials Required:

1. Arduino Uno or any other Arduino Boards

2. 4 Buttons

3. 4 1k or 220 ohms resistor (just needs some resistance, I used 1k)

4. Jumper wires


6.8*8 LED matrix controlled by MAX 7219

Step 2: Buttons, Wiring and Final Connections

1. Place the buttons in a two player formation.

2. Connect the +ive rails with 5v and the -ive rails to the Gnd

3. Follow the figures above for wiring the buttons to gnd and 5v.

4. Connect the first button to pin 2, 2nd button to pin 3, 3rd button to pin4, and 4th button to pin .

5. Connect the DATA pin of MAX7219 to 12, CLK to 11, and CS to 10.

6.Place the MAX7219 LED matrix as shown.


Step 3: Coding

Paste the code given below.

LedControl.h library below (incase you don't have it)

Step 4: Have Fun

Now your ping pong game is ready to use.

Have fun enjoy with your friends.

To start playing, Press the first button, i.e. , the first player's left button.