Introduction: Ping-pong Hoop Shooting

(1) Small Project Using Arduino Uno to control the LED Light.

(2) Use 2 different colors LED light, you can change all the color you like.

(3) You Can use USB line to power this light.

(4) The circut is to train your shooting skills.

Step 1: Circuit Borad


- Arduino Uno

- Bread board

- photoresistor

-9 jumper wire

- 2 led can be any color 5v can be different volts but resistors have to change

-1 of 10kΩ resistor

-2 of 68Ω resistor

Step 2: Arduino Code

(1) Connect the Arduino to computer

(2) Write the code let Arduino Control the LED.

Step 3: Procedure

1. Put all of the parts together and form the circuit, like the method in step one.

2. Put the circuit into the cup. Remember to color the cup.

3. Put the other cup on it and drill the hole on the bottom of cup

4.Try to shoot the ball in the cup.

5. The LED light will switch on because the photoresistor detects a decrease in light level.

Step 4: Testing and Enjoy the Light With Sound

(1) Testing, shoot the ball and let LED switch on.

(2) If you don't want to Use power bank, you can use usb line to power up the Light.