Introduction: Pink Elephant Car Wash Costume

Step 1: Gather Supplies

6 packs Battery operated string lights (I used 2 strands of red, 2 white and 2 multi)
1 10 foot strand EL wire with battery pack
1 hot pink foam core board
1 hot pink poster board
1 pack hot pink duct tape
2 Glowby lighted hair strands (white)
Packing tape
Glow in the dark puff paint
Plastic bowl or cake mold
Pink plastic headband
Tissue paper
Exacto knife

Step 2: Make Trunk

Create the trunk form by crumpling tissue paper and wrapping with packing tape.

Once it is shaped, wrap in pink duct tape

Add space in the end of the trunk to hide your hair clips. Use duct tape to hold the barrettes in place

At the base of the trunk, poke holes and add elastic. Tie knots to secure

Step 3: Make Headpiece

Use the headband, puff paint, poster board, duct tape and plastic bowl.

Cut elephant ear shapes from poster board
Attach to the headband using packing tape
Outline ears with glow in the dark puff paint
Wrap plastic bowl in duct tape
Attach bowl to headband with duct tape

Step 4: Make Signage

Cut foam board in half. You will use one piece each for the front and back of the sign

Using a pencil, design the layout of the sign. On the real sign, the front says "car wash" and the back says "elephant super car wash"

Lights will be added to the words car and super only. If you want more to light up, you will need additional string lights

Use the exacto knife to cut holes where the lights will be.

Outline each word with a black sharpie. Use glow in the dark puff paints to fill in "wash" and outline the other text

Poke lights through the holes and secure to insides of sign with packing tape

Step 5: Complete Signage

Wrap the EL wire around the edges of the front sign. Attach batter pack to inside with packing or duct tape

Use duct tape to create and secure shoulder straps to the signs

Step 6: Complete Costume

I wore a pink dress and pink leggings under my costume. I also wore holographic wedge sneakers for a flashy look!

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