Introduction: Pink Salad

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Here's a summer favourite of mine. I think it's mainly a Dutch recipe,  but I may have made that up.
If you think that apple and pickled herring should never meet on the same plate, then this is not for you. If you have an open mind to such pairings, read on...

For use as a main meal for two people, I use

- two big potatoes, diced, cooked, cooled off
- an apple, cut up
- a small onion, chopped into tiny bits
- two pickled herrings, cut into pieces
- three small boiled beets*, diced

*) We can buy them boiled and packaged. It's neat.

For the dressing, I'd suggest that you pick as many as you wish of the following ingredients:

- olive oil
- yoghurt (plain)
- mayonnaise
- lemon juice
- vinegar
- salt
- black pepper
- mustard
- dill

Mix the solid ingredients gently, in a big bowl. Add the dressing and spoon it through. That's all.
The beets will give the salad a nice pink colour.
Works as a summer dinner, or as a lunch dish. Also nice for a picnic.