Introduction: Pink Sky

I've always wanted to build a skateboard with a spring bracket. With leather skin and glittering metal frame adding to its cool feeling. And the wood feeling displayed on the lower surface of the board increases its affinity.

Our aim is:Be cool!!

Step 1: Build the Base Board

1.First:Build its two-dimensional plane

The baseboard contains 2 components:

  • 1×200/900/20 board(body)
  • 2circles(diameter=200)inside : drawing a circle to sketch out its outline

2.Second:Build its three-dimensional shape Use the brush to design the desired radian,then cut the shape with the outlined shape.

3.Third:Add details:add a 5mm radian to the upper edge of the board,the rendered effect is as shown in the figure

Step 2: Build the Wheel Bracket

1.First:Form the big frame of the bracket

  • 1×92/132/36 bracket frame
  • 1*40/50/36 bracket cut to form a hole
  • a diagonal line to split the bracket
  • A concave semicircle with a curved outline to cut the arc of the out cylinder

2.Second:Add rollers and springs

  • 4×40×circle(diameter=30)
  • 4×2/1/40 adding four roller cuts
  • 8×circles(diameter=2) adding eight more roller cuts
  • Use the screw tool to create a screw with an outside diameter of 44mm and a revolution of 4, and use the push-pull function to adjust the outside to the proper size.
  • Use the drawing tool to draw a sketch of the component, the dimension is as shown in the figure, and the stretch is 3mm.

3.Third:Add Details

  • Translate and splice the obtained components
  • Draw the wheel axle, the dimension is as shown in the figure, the length of inner ring is 180 (it will be adjusted later according to the actual situation), and the length of outer ring is 120
  • Add screws
  • Mosaic and rotate to make the upper plane level with the XY plane. The finished product after rendering is as shown in the figure.

Step 3: Draw Wheels

  • Draw the wheel with the torus tool, the inner diameter is 6mm, the diameter of the torus is 30mm, and the position is selected for internal measurement.
  • The effect can be seen in the picture.copy and paste the remaining three wheels

Step 4: Finishing the Work

  • Stitching, rendering
  • Add appearance and realistic effect
  • Render finished products

Now your done with your skateboard!

How does it feel?!

Make sure to save your work before you exit~

By Zhu_shuai

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