Introduction: Pink Cherry Lemonade

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A while ago I came home from school. I was thirsty. I wanted lemonade. We didn't have lemonade. I didn't feel like squeezing  500 lemons. So I made a simple lemon syrup. I put it in soda water. It was yummy. Then my eye fell on my beloved jar of maraschino cherries. And I knew what was missing. Pink, and cherry! So I added some syrup and maybe a few more cherries than strictly necessary.... And it was awesome. Here it is!

Step 1: The Ingredients

 Here is what you need to bring cool deliciousness into your life:


1/4 cup sugar
1/3 cup water 
 1 to 2 lemons, depending on size (also you might want organic, if you can get them!) 
Soda water, less than you need to fill the biggest glass you've got!
 Ice, as much as you like in your lemonade 
  one(or more) maraschino or other cherries, as well as as much of the syrup as you'll want to make it sweet and cherry-y enough

Other supplies are:

 a small pot
 a cutting board
 a small, sharp knife
 a wooden spoon
 a tall glass

Step 2: Making the Syrup

-Grab your lemon(s) and plop them on the cutting board. Cut them all in half, or quarters, at this point, you could also cut out a thin slice to garnish.
-Put the sugar and water in the little pot together and mix them a little. Then add the lemon pieces, squeezing a bit to get some of the juices out.
-Heat at medium temperature till it starts to simmer and the sugar has dissolved. 

Step 3: Putting It All Together

-Pour the syrup you just made into the glass
-Add soda water and plenty of ice
-Then add the cherry syrup
-And garnish with cherries and lemon slices