Introduction: Pinless Fretsaw Blades

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My fret saw is far from new, it was part of a box of odds and ends from an auction some 45 years ago.
The blades are held I place by a simple clamp, I've been trying to find blades for it for some time without success what I can find are blades with fixing pins

Step 1: An Alternative ?

The blade I can find are a little too long and have pins through them, I thought it was worth seeing if I could remove the pins and if needed shorten them with a dremel type cutting wheel, but this as it turned out was not needed.

Step 2: How To

I initaly tried to hammer the pin out, this failed but in trying to twist the pin out I snapped tge end off the blade unsurprisingly across the pin hole.
Grip the blade below the pin but touching it with a square jawed set of pliers take the end of the blade in another set of pliers and bend, the blade snaps across the hole releasing the pin.
Remove the burs by rubbing on the end of a grind stone(not the face you use for honing blades)

Step 3: Fit and Use

Speaks for itself, this produces a perfectly functioning pin-less blade