Introduction: Pint Glass Display Rack

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I am a fan of Hard Rock Cafes and have visited 16 different locations so far. I have collected pint glasses along the way, so I made a Pint Glass Display Rack to show them off. Check out my video of this project and follow these steps to make one yourself. This design can be customized to hold a variety of glasses and personalized with a different name.


Two Pine 1x12 Boards 29" long, eight 2" screws, spray paint, spray lacquer, hanging hardware.Spray Lacquer

Step 1: Customize the Design

I designed this project using the Inventables' free EASEL design software so I could cut it with my X-Carve CNC machine, but you can also use other tools to make this project using my design. Click here to open the design file, where you can get the measurements and customize it to fit your needs.

In EASEL, there are two tabs at the bottom of the screen. The first tab contains the sign, one shelf, and the Left side piece that will be cut from the first board. The second tab contains the Right side piece and two more shelves that will cut from the second board.

Step 2: Cut the Parts

I cut all of the parts out using the X-Carve CNC machine, but these parts can easily be cut with any saw, router, and drill. and the circles can be drilled with a Forstner bit. Click here for more info on the X-Carve.

If you have children or live in an earthquake zone, you can drill the shelf holes deeper so the glasses sit in the holes more securely to keep them from falling off the shelf. Another option would be to attach 1/8" steel rods across the front after it's assembled to hold the glasses in.

Step 3: Sand and Paint

Sand everything smooth. It helps to have a variety of sanding tools to make this easier. The Dremel tool is great for sanding the circles.

Now is a good time to paint the letters in the sign. I like to spray the sign with clear lacquer to seal the wood, then surround the text with masking tape to minimize the amount of excess paint around the text. I sprayed the letters with flat black paint, then sanded the paint off the surface.

Step 4: Assemble and Finish

Assembly is super easy. The shelves fit into dado grooves on the sides and can be attached with screws to hold them together. I finished the rack with Satin Deft Clear Wood Finish Spray Lacquer. Glasses can be heavy, so choose some strong hanging hardware to hang it on the wall.

CAUTION! If you have children or live in an earthquake zone, I suggest adding some rods or twine across the front of the glasses to keep them from falling off the rack. I plan on getting some 1/8" steel rods that I can bend at 90 degrees on each end, then drill holes in the front of the sides so I can glue them in. Another option would be to drill cut the holes in the shelves deeper so the glasses sit in the holes.

Step 5: Display Your Collection

This was a fun project that I should have made years ago. These glasses have been stored in a box for over 15 years. I have glasses from the following cities and each one has a travel story that goes along with it. Thanks for checking out my Instructable. Click here to see more of my projects on YouTube!

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