Pinwheel Using Paper and Paint Brush


Introduction: Pinwheel Using Paper and Paint Brush

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This origami pinwheel produces a flat and neat pinwheel design, as opposed to the three-dimensional design of the usual paper craft pinwheel. This design can be used as a pinwheel or has many other uses as a decorative item on crafts such as cards and gift boxes, or as a decoration on its own. Follow the instructions to make your own origami pinwheel.

To make this project all you need is an origami paper and a paint brush.

Step 1: Creasing the Paper

Let's place the cardboard infront and start to crease the paper

  • Creasing a paper is most important in origanics technique.
  • The creasing of paper is done by folding the paper into half through vertical, horizontal and diagonally.
  • As soon as you recrease the paper you must observe the star shaped creasing on the paper.

Step 2: Making the Boat Base

  • Fold the right and left side of the paper to the vertical or horizontal crease as the contact point
  • Now fold the bottom and top of the paper to the center of the crease as well
  • Now unfold the top portion and make diagonal folding to the top paper
  • press the top of the paper to the center of the crease forming a roof shape
  • Repeat the same for opposite side of the paper

Step 3: Folding the Blades and Sticking Brush

Fold the upper right tip to the upward direction.Repeat the same step for all tip of the blade then stick the paper that projecting out using a glue.The Center of back side of the blade, we place the brush and fix it using an insulation tape.

So I guess you are happy with the windmill blades.stay tuned for my further updates,

Thank you.

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