Introduction: Pinwheels, Your Mini Salads.

In this tutorial you will learn how to make pinwheels, bite sized salads.


You will need:

-mayonnaise -Cream cheese -dried Dill -Onion powder -Lavash bread -Cheese of any kind -Turkey -Cucumber -spinach

Feel free to substitute some ingredients to personalize your Creation.

Step 1: The Dip

Take a small bowl and do the fallowing.

- mix in the Mayonnaise, cream cheese, dried dill, onion powder

- Mix till it is mostly smooth yet sticky.(it will act as glue)

Step 2: Spread the Dip

-Get your lavash bread and lay it out on a flat platform.

- spread the dip over the lavash bread till it is completely cover.(a few uncovered spots is okay)

Step 3: Adding the Ingridients

- make sure you have done the following

-striped your cucumber of the skin and sliced it

Now you may place the turkey, spinach, cheese, and cucumber but place it on only one side.

IMPORTANT: Leave at least 2 inches uncovered on one side

Step 4: Roll It Up

On the opposite side of the bread that uncovered, start to roll it up.

The dip on the bread thats uncovered will act as a glue keeping it in a wheel shape.

After put it n a tight container and let it sit for a minute or two so the dip dries a little.

Step 5: Cut and Enjoy!

Take them out of the container and cut it up into pieces. (Make sure the pieces aren't to thin or it'll fall apart)

Now you may enjoy your new creation. :)