Introduction: Piolet Tomb Raider

I share with you one of my first Props, the ice ax from the last Tomb Raider trilogy, which is an important part of the game.

It is very easy to do, very cheap and customizable.


Cut the pieces in 3mm MDF (Attached File).

White glue.

Sandpaper: # 100. # 240. # 600.

Spray primer.

Aerosol sprays.

Step 1: Arrangement of the Pieces.

We start from the base with the center piece, after it we will have 4 pieces on each side.

Using the serial plane stereotomy technique.

Step 2:

We start gluing the ribs of the piece on both sides, with this it gives us the volume of the edge of the ice ax.

Step 3:

Later we enlarged the handle placing the pieces of this on each side of the body.

Step 4:

Finally, we put the pieces of the reinforcement on the upper back, giving the last detail to the edge of the ice ax

Step 5:

For the finishes we use the sandpaper of 100 to round and detail the body,

Then we sand the 240 on the MDF, so we can paint it.

We put the base in spray and settle between layers with the sandpaper of 600.

We paint in the colors they want.

Enjoy it

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