Introduction: "Pioneer Predator, Long Before Space Travel"

Pioneer Predator, Long Before Space Travel" has been an idea kicking around in my head ever since to first movie came out.
Evolution, like gravity, is a truth of existence and all organisms must march down this path. The assumption of the Predator movies is that they are a race of technically advances beings. Like us, they must have evolved into their current knowledge over time. This means that, at one time, they were less advanced, but still hunters. The image of Pioneer Predator would be their history as ours was back in the 1800's American West. No laser cannons, just black powder rifles. Since their religion is based on conquest and trophies, my Predator is seen on the mound of honor after an important kill.This piece started with a friend's whiskey bottle that was shaped like a pioneer. I removed the head and took 30 photographs all around the body at different angles with my Pentax K-x digital camera. Next I uploaded these images to the cloud using the Autodesk service 123d Catch.

The great thing about 123D Catch is that it converts 2d digital photographs into a 3d mesh that can be exported as a obj file. Autodesk also offers an extensive library of 3d images for free downloads. I've posted several up to the library, so I feel comfortable downloading some. The predator head was just such an image. After downloading I also exported it as an obj file.

Using Blender I put the predator head on the whiskey bottle thus making "Pioneer Predator, Long Before Space Travel"

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