Vault Boy

Introduction: Vault Boy

One of my favorite video games is Fallout 3. And one of the best known symbols of Fallout is the Pip-Boy.

In this project I use a picture of the Pip-Boy as a guide for cutting one out of wood. I hope this project inspires you to make one too or something like it.

Items Needed:
Piece of wood


Method of attaching the pattern/picture to the wood. (I used spray adhesive and packing tape).

Tools used:

Drill with small bit (I used a 1/16th")

Scroll saw


Step 1: Find and Print an Image

Find a picture of the item you want to cut. For this project I searched for Pip Boy and looked in the "Image" results.

Once you have the picture that you want, spend sometime looking it over and picture what areas you are going to cut out. Also use this time to imagine what it will look like once it is cut out. This might take some practice.

Print the image in the size you want the final piece. For this project I right click the image and select the "Copy Image" option and paste it into Paint.

Before proceeding take a moment to review the image with thought of how you will be cutting it out.

Step 2: Mark Cutting Area.

With the printed image make marks to know where you want to cut and/or not cut. In the image I have marked the areas I want to stop cutting. Using a highlighter works well as it is easy to see on a black & white image.

It is important to watch for "islands" or areas that will fall away when cut out. Also confirm that you will not be separating parts with the cuts you are about to make.

Step 3: Attach the Picture and Drill Pilot Holes

Attach the image to the wood. For this project I sprayed the back with spray adhesive and attach it to the wood. I then covered this with clear packing tape.

Drill pilot or entry holes for the areas you are cutting out.

Step 4: Cut Out the Image

Using the scroll saw cut out the areas you determined earlier. Make sure to follow all of the manufactures saftey instruction for the use of your equipment.

Step 5:

Finishing the project could be just sanding the piece (as seen). You could any method of wood finishing or painting the project would work as well.

Thank you for viewing this project!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great Instrucatable. thanks for sharing


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You are right, I don't know what I was thinking when I made/filmed this. Thanks for catching that!