Introduction: Pipe Gun (Marshmallows?)

Hey. I had some PVC Piping from some old Marshmallow Guns, so I decided to make a better one than the three I had. I'd say it is, considering it was all my idea for construction EXCEPT the clip for the Marshmallow Version. That goes to paperclip533 . Anyway, this gun can be used for Mini Marshmallows (to shoot, of course!) or just to do whatever you would do with a fake scope. =)

Step 1: The Parts

You Will Need:

9x-- X Pieces (6: 3/4 in pipe pieces and 3: 1/2 inch pipe pieces)
4x-- 45 Degree Pieces (2: 3/4 inch and 2:1/2 inch)
2x-- 90 Degree Piece (3/4 inch)
6x-- T Pieces (3: 3/4 inch, 1: 1/2 inch, and 2: <-3/4 inch->/v-2 inch-v(meaning the straight part is 3/4, the other is 1/2))
1x-- 4 inch long pipe
1x-- 4 1/2 inch long pipe
1x-- 6 inch long pipe
1x-- 6 1/2 inch long pipe
1x-- 8 inch long pipe
2x-- 1 1/2 inch long pipe

***** X Pieces are 1 inch pieces of pipe used to connect 2 parts with little or none of it showing *****

Step 2: Put It Together!

Look at the pictures. They're pretty helpful. Just make sure you put them on so you can take them off in a little bit. =)

Just put'em together like in the pictures! (Exploded view helps a bit! >.< )

Step 3: Marshmallows?

If you wanna shoot with this, read on! If not ,tighten your gun and do whatever!

(it might be a little hard for some people to un-tighten!)

So, if you have all the parts, which I listed every one (I think...) for both versions, then take of the scope! I know it sucks, but it's not real. So....TOO-DA-LOO!
Take the 90 degree piece you DIDN'T use, and attach the 6 inch pipe. put this where the scope was.

Want a Clip?(for me, this works more like a shot-gun.)
Separate the gun into two, right after where the T piece for the blower goes.
take another T piece and put it there, using X pieces as needed. To top it off, I used electrical tape on one end of the clip to make sure no Marshmallows fall out.

To Load:
Fill up clip, turn the gun UPSIDE DOWN, put the clip in, and turn it right side up.
The clip will need to be near straight up in order for them to fall into the main pipe.

Step 4: Clog!!

This is the main reason you were not to tighten your gun yet. You need to block all other ways the Marshmallows could go. I do this by chewing on some paper towel and putting it in the other passages. (Horrible taste, but hey, it works.) In this case, it would be the FALSE clip (that little box thingy on the bottom.), handle, and 'butt'.

NOW you can tighten it up!

Have fun!

You'll shot your eye out with that, Kid!!-- A Christmas Story