Introduction: Pipe Insulation From Pool Noodles

Simple trick , we have one spot in our house where copper lines run into a crawlspace and they froze up on a really cold day a few weeks ago, now they make foam pipe insulation for fairly cheap but you have to go into town and pick it up so why not use what you have in my case pool noodles !! Free if you have some lying around and much more colorful which could be good if you have them in a area you could bump your head on them or something like that. All you need is a knife and some pool noodles and depending on your pipe size you could need some other filler material insulation or cardboard or old t-shirts anything to wrap around the pipe and make up a gap

Step 1: Cut Some Noodles

So easy just slice your noodles lengthwise of you know how long you need them you can cut them to length now or what until you are putting them around the pipes since they cut easily you can use a utility knife , pocket knofe, exacto blade , or even scissors

Step 2: Optional: Fill the Gaps

Depending on the diameter of the inside of your pool noodles and the diameter of your pipes you may need to fill the gaps with something , for instance my noodles had a inner diameter of 3/4 of an inch so it was perfect for most of the pipes which are also 3/4 inch, but some of it was 1/2 inch pipes , So first I wrapped the pipe in some of this other insulation I had leftover from another project and then pushed on the pool noodles so they fit nice and tight , if you don't have insulation I think old t-shirts or rags would be good or even cardboard cut into strips might work

Step 3: Wrap Those Pipes

Once you have sliced the pool noodles just simply push them onto your pipes like putting a hotdog in a bun , you can cut them to length on the pipe or notch them to bend around corners , if you need to you could wrap a zip tie around your pipe and noodle but mine fit with friction just fine , and there you have it an easy trick to keep your pipes nice and warm for the winter