Introduction: Pipe Light

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This is a very simple project to make creative and unique lights out of standard available hardware.

Step 1: Step 1: Tools

All you need is:

1. Flat head screwdriver

2. Box cutter (or other way to strip wire)

Step 2: Step 2: Supplies

What you'll need:

1. 3/8" pipe threaded both ends

2. 3/8" T-joint

3. 3/8" reducer from 3/8" to 1/8"

4. 3/8" pipe wall mount

5. Standard electric wire

6. Light bulb fixture

7. Light bulb

All of what I used was found and then up cycled but all of these can also be found at any local hardware store. Also feel free to get creative with the shapes. For some inspiration on other designs visit

Step 3: Step 3: Assembly

Wiring notes:

AC power can be connected with either wire at each terminal to function but for safety follow the below:

Hot: black wire (from the skinny prong) connects to the screw that connects to the interior tip of socket

Neutral: white wire (from the wide prong) connects to the screw that connects to the threaded body of socket

Step 4: Step 4: Get Creative

To get creative inspiration on new pipe configurations and designs go to: