Introduction: Pipe Lights on the Ceiling!

About: I am an artist, builder and teacher living in Japan.

I love pipe lights! I needed more light above my upstair sink and I wanted something industrial and unique looking. This thing is perfect! It's the kind of thing you look at and say, "Cool, but never ever in my house!"

Step 1: The Pipes!

*Safety Tips: Research, Power off, Test, Take care what you touch, Plan ahead, Get the right tools, Get the right materials, Don't overload.

I bought PVC pipes, four weatherproof sockets, crimping wire connectors and wires that match the gauge of my house. I also used a voltage detector, precision wire strippers and a plug to test my pipe light before I installed it.

I'm not going to get into a lot of wiring details! I live in Japan and things are a little different over here. For example, "No polarized plugs on anything!" You can't even buy one! They think they're an unnecessary precaution.

This was a simple project to do. Anyone thinking about doing this should do some research first. All I did was wire four sockets in parallel inside this thing and then test everything before hanging it.

This is an awesome website for beginner electricians to get an idea of how things work.

Step 2: Looking Up!

I wanted to fill as much space as possible above my upstairs sink. The wood came later.

Step 3: Fake Valve!

This is a faux valve! The real ones are too heavy and expensive, so I bought a red valve handle and gorilla glued it into a threaded coupling using half of a chopstick!

Step 4: The Front!

This is the front that is above the mirror. I used stainless steel pipe clamps to anchor this into the ceiling.

Step 5: The Back!

The back!

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