Introduction: Pipecleaners... Dr. Suess Style!

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An unconventional tribute to Dr. Suess...


    Shown are some Dr. Suess characters that I made from pipecleaners, with no glue, and very minimal cutting.

What I made:(Not in order of picture.)

1. A who. Inspired from the movie "Horton Hears a Who". I tried to follow the model from the movie because it was more lifelike.
2. Also inspired by "Horton Hears a who", is on of those deer, girrafe, camel sort of things. Shown eating a tree  in the scene where horton tries to find a good place for the "spec".
3. The Once-ler, from the "Lorax".(Shown chopping a tree down)
4. The lorax..... From, the "Lorax"...
5. A few Truffula trees.
6. And Thidwick the big hearted moose.(who only has a close-up, no group pic)

Tell me what you think. Tell me where I might improve on my tequnique and detail.