Pirate Drink Bottles




Introduction: Pirate Drink Bottles

About: I'm inspired by nature and I love to see what I can create! Check out my Youtube channel for full videos, or my Instagram @theartfulbirder for sneak peeks and progress pictures!

Required materials:






*tracing paper

*printed design picture


Step 1: Paper Maché On/Over Labels

*Mix flour and water to a consistency of thick cream

*Tear newspaper into thin strips about 1 inch wide

*Dip a strip of newspaper into the mixture and run between fingers to remove excess liquid

*Lay smoothly on bottle and flatten all edges

*Overlap paper strips until majority of bottle is covered

Step 2: Paint Labels

*Paint over the labels using brown acrylic paint

*After dry lightly apply some darker brown/black paint to give it a worn/old look

Step 3: Trace Pattern

*Print out your desired pattern

*Using tracing paper run a pen or pencil over the edges of the pattern. Make sure the paper is lined up with your painted area.

Step 4: Paint Your Design

*Paint the design with black acrylic paint inside of the traced lines

Step 5: Tada!

Set your bottles down, step back and admire your handiwork!

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    5 years ago

    very cool. what were the bottles originally used for before you made art?


    Reply 5 years ago

    They were originally beer growlers. A friend was getting rid of them and we figured they'd be perfect for our pirate themed Halloween party!