Introduction: Pirate Ship Bed

This is my first posting so bare with me as I also don't have step by step photos.

I made these beds for my two year old twin boys. They were moving from cots into beds so thought it was nice thing to do to make their beds just a bit more interesting.

Step 1: Cutting the Main Shape

The tricky part was getting the shape right. You have to remember that you need an access space to get into the boat, this determined the shape of the boat.

I gathered together many pictures of cartoon boats to steal ideas and to have pictures to copy and then made a full size cardboard version, this helped with getting the measurements correct.

Once I felt I had this sorted I then transferred this to hardboard to be my main template. I knew I had to make two of these so wanted my template to last!

The shape was then drawn onto MDF and cut out using my jigsaw. I made sure I had a face mask as the dust is horrible.

Step 2: Cutting Portholes

It is probably easier to cut the holes with other methods such as a router etc. I didnt have all the kit for this or the expertise so used my jigsaw and lots of sanding. A square was then cut for the rear window at the top.

Step 3: Adding 3D Detail

I wanted to try and add some texture and depth to the design so decided to add surrounds and waves to the base. These were cut from MDF as well and once again the circles were difficult and were cleaned up with a handheld sander.

The waves were drawn freehand and then cut with the jigsaw to make them as similar as possible but was not essential.

Step 4: Painting

I firstly gave the mdf two coats of primer to seal the wood. There was also lots of sanding between coats.

Everything was then painted with emulsion.

Step 5: Addition of Cannon Holes

After painting it felt like there was lots of blank space so I thought we could add some holes for cannons. I then got carried away with wanting to make cannons, but knew these would get broken. My wife then suggested painting them black which made me think of blackboard paint. The boys could then draw cannons on these windows if they wanted or add anything they liked.

Step 6: Names and Anchor

If got names for the ships done online so that i could then stick them onto the boats instead of trying to write them myself and I am so glad I did.

I got the anchor from google images and made it into a template. I then cut it using my fretsaw and then stuck on with wood glue.

Step 7: Attaching the Boat

The boat was attached to the bed frames with cable ties. I drilled small holes in the boat and then threaded the cable ties through and around the bed frame. This has proved very effective as they have been in place for over a year now and are still in place.

Step 8: Sails and Mast

These are drawn directly onto the wall and then painted with emulsion.

Step 9: