Introduction: Pirate Ship Modification

This is a modification of a kids wooden "Paint your own" ship kit

Sorry for the lack of step by step pictures. I never thought about making making this an instructable until I was almost finished.
If anyone wants to know anything or more details, please just ask!

Step 1:

I built the ship pretty close to the instructions.

The changes I made were to drill a hole in the deck for the mast.
I cut the handle off the paint brush that was supplied with the kit and used that on the front of the ship (you'll have to forgive me as I do not know the name of all the parts of a ship!)
Drilled and added the posts
Made the steel grate from match sticks (Marked out the area on the deck then painted it black)
- then painted the grate and glued this to the deck.
I made the crows nest from wooden tea and coffee stirrers, drilled and glued to the mast
Added the steering deck, rail and ships wheel
 - The wheel was bought from ebay

Step 2:

I stained the wood and added the chain to the posts using screw-in eyelets.
 - Chain bought from ebay

I cut a piece of material from an old tshirt and stitched 20guage wire along the side to allow the illusion of the sail being blown
 - leave wire overhanging to allow connection to the mast

Also, holes were drilled on the railing behind the ships wheel for swords and weapons
........... you never know when those pesky pirates will attack!

Step 3:

I drilled a hole and connected the chain to the anchor winch
 - The winch is made from wooden tea and coffee stirrers with a hole drilled in the middle and a nail inserted and hammered into the deck then an end cap fitted to hide the nail
Then the winch is stained to match the rest of the ship

The chain is then fitted to the winch using an eyelet and fed through the hole in the deck.
Connect the anchor using the 20 gauge wire and hammer in a small nail (I used a panel pin) to stop the anchor from dragging along if the kids are playing with the ship
 - The Anchor was also bought on ebay, but most model stores should be able to supply these parts.

For the rigging, I attached eyelets to the mast and the hull then stitched string together

Then the crew climbed on board and sailed the 7 seas!