Introduction: Pirate Ship

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My husband can build anything! If he can dream it, he builds it. So, here is our instructable...our BACKYARD PIRATE SHIP. It's not to scale, but close.


cypress treated lumbar, telephone poles, screws, paint, stain, unmanila rope, stainless steel fasteners. Canons are made from table legs.

Step 1: The Initial Layout.

Just laying out the boards. 34 feet long and 24 feet high....about 10 feet wide.

Step 2: The Phone Pole...cuz We're Nuts.

This is the main mast installation right before concrete was poured. We recruited the neighbors because it was enormous. Excuse my video commentary, it was silly and I really didn't I'd be posting this anywhere. Our neighbors are awesome and we appreciate their help.

Step 3: Creating the Form

This actually looks really tiny in comparison to the true size of it. This is almost 35 feet long.

Step 4: Concrete Poured

Concrete and boards are placed.

Step 5: Building the Hull

Using pressure treated pine, the hull and belly start taking form.

Step 6: Upper Deck

Tongue and Groove Cyprus is layed over pressure treated pine. Cyprus is rot resistant which is good for Florida's wet weather.

Step 7: Upper Deck

The Upper Deck is looking good. Cyprus wood is layed over pine for strength and weather proofing.

Step 8: The Sides Are Trimmed

False windows and cannon holes are installed. The cannon flaps are hinged.

Step 9: Stain

The first layer of stain is sprayed on.

Step 10: Second Spray

Second coat of stain is applied.

Step 11: Rear

The ship is hollow and can be used as storage when the rear panel is removed.

Step 12: Ropes and Mast Sails Installation

Hand sewn and knotted ropes and masts are being installed.

Step 13: Masts

Masts are made from shade tarps, cut and sewn into shape.

Step 14: Front

Almost complete!

Step 15: Completed Pirate Ship!!

It took 3 months of working on it on our days off to complete this but I think it came out awesome!!

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