Pirate Skull Face Paint

Introduction: Pirate Skull Face Paint

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You'll be sailing the high seas while showing off your flesh and bone with this rocking pirate skull face paint!

Step 1: Start With White

First, I started with white (Mehron Paradise), on the face, but left the top blank at a slightly slanted angle.

Step 2: Black Features

Next, I used black to color in the eye sockets and the top of the nose, as well as add highlights to the chin and cheekbones.

Step 3: Red Bandana

Then, I added in a red bandana with Beach Berry by Mehron Paradise.

Step 4: Black Features

Then, I used black to add some features, including skin lines, and cracks on the side, as well as outlined the bandana.

Step 5: Finish It Off

To finish off, I did the following:

  • I dabbed some white on the lips and added yellow to the teeth
  • I used white to highlight the bandana
  • I used white as well to add polka dots to the bandana
  • I used Jilted electric shadow by Urban Decay to add some dimension to the bandana

Step 6: Arrrrgh, Mateys!

Ahoy there, mateys! Now, you can go out and fight for pirate's treasure while baring your bones!

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