Introduction: Pisa Tower-Fusion 360

I chose to do the leaning Pisa tower. I made the Pisa Tower because, it is an unique building that leans at a 40 degree and is still stable.

Step 1: Sketch Base and Dimension

1. Go to sketch then make 2 center diameter circle radius of 50 and 40 at the origin 2. Sketch and go to center diameter circle radius of 5 and place it in the middle top of the inner circle (20 millimeter away from the origin) 3. Create, and click on circular pattern select the new circle and put it to 8

Step 2: Extrude and Plane of Base

1. Create then Extrude the 40 and 5 millimeter circles and extrude up 10 mm 2. Create and Extrude again on the 50 mm circle and extrude up 2 mm 3. Construct then Offset plane on top of the base

Step 3: Sketch 2nd Layer and Plane

1. Sketch then center diameter circle radius of 45 mm 2. Sketch and center diameter circle radius of 2.5 mm in the center of the first 5 mm circle 3. Create then circular pattern select the 2.5 mm circle and make 16 of them 4. Extrude all of them except outer circle up to 2 mm 5. Construct then offset plane on top

Step 4: Extrude Third Layer and Move and Copy

1. Extrude everything except the outside circle 2. Right-click on the third layer and Move/Copy up 12 mm

Step 5: Move/Copy 2nd Base

1. Right-click on the second base the Move/Copy up 10 mm

Step 6: Move/Copy the Layers

1. Right-click on the new layer and base and move up 12 mm, repeat this step until 7 layers

Step 7: Sketch and Extrude Base of Window

1. Construct offset plane at the top 2. Sketch and center diameter circle at the origin of 30 mm 3. Extrude up 15 mm

Step 8: Sketch Window and Extrude

1. Create a New design 2. Sketch then 2 point Rectangle of 5 mm and Center diameter circle of also 5 mm 3. Place the circle were half of it overlap the rectangle (shown in the left picture) 4. Right-click the design in the data panel and click on insert into current design of the first project 5. Extrude out until there is a hole 6. Sketch then circular pattern until there are 4 holes

Step 9: Sketch and Extrude Top of Pisa Tower

1. Sketch then Center diameter circle on top of the tower of 32.5 mm 2. Extrude up 2 mm 3. Modify then fillet, click on the top edge and fillet it .5 mm

Step 10: Optional: Text


1. Sketch then text, click on the top of the tower and TYPE: Pisa Tower 2. Rotate 90 degrees, and position it in the middle 3. Extrude up 1 mm